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In mediation, you are in control and make all the decisions. SRS mediators make no decisions or judgments, but help you come to a satisfactory agreement by remaining a neutral third party.

With the help of the mediator, you will identify disputed issues and develop options by considering alternatives. The goal is to reach a consensual settlement that will accommodate the needs of both parties. By some estimates, mediation can resolve upwards of 90% of the disputes, with half the remaining disputes reaching a substantive resolution on many of the issues being mediated.
Successful Resolution Services are also MA Court Appointed Mediators.

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Business Meeting

Our team of expert mediators work to find you a successful resolution starting at $150 per hour. 

Signing Contract

Get assistance from our licensed attorneys starting at $350 per hour. 

Business Meeting
Additional Services

Business & Workplace Disputes

Real Estate & Construction Agreements

Contract Negotiations

Family & Divorce Conflicts

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