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Coronavirus Impact on Court Proceedings

As a result of court closures and the reduction in cases being heard, those involved in on-going litigation or have had a new issue arise during this time may face delays in the finalization of their disputes. SRS Mediators are available with remote options for mediations and arbitrations to help you find a resolution quickly and safely. 

Now is the time to consider alternatives to court and resolve your case without delay. 

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Mediation & Dispute Resolution Services in Chelmsford, MA & New England

As trained mediators and arbitrators we help people in conflict discuss concerns and find resolutions.​

SRS Mediation can help you resolve any conflict quickly and in a less formal manner than traditional court setting, oftentimes preserving relationships and with better results for both parties. Mediation can help you clarify issues, develop options, and negotiate towards a resolution with a neutral party.

Mediation is when two or more people work together to try to resolve their dispute assisted by a neutral party, the mediator.

With the help of the mediator, you will identify disputed issues and develop options by considering alternatives. The goal is to reach a consensual settlement that will accommodate the needs of both parties.

Mediation empowers the participants since the process emphasizes that the participants are responsible for making decisions that affect their lives.

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